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Time to change it up. Check out the trailer of the big change I’m making here at ShawnKent.net. No more boring, plain videos. We’re going live and we’re going off script. We’re going to show you something every episode about photography, Photoshop or Lightroom. Whatever I’m into at the moment. I’ve done videos before, but they were never really me….I gotta be me. So see you next episode. I’ll post about it soon!

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Photographers You Should Know: Jerry Uelsmann

Journey into Night (2008) - Jerry Uelsmann

Journey into Night (2008) – Jerry Uelsmann

A forerunner of the photomontage, Jerry Uelsmann is an American photographer whose work easily makes him a Master of Photography. His surrealist art is hauntingly beautiful, rich in depth, and contemplative in content. But that’s not the most amazing aspect of his photomontages. Jerry Uelsmann produced the majority of his work in the days before Photoshop.

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Black and White Digital Workshop

Well, my first ever webinar is complete. See the video above. Kind of a rocky start, with audio problems, but lots of good info in this video.

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Composition: The Rule of Thirds

Shawn M. Kent "Solitude" (2001) CC by-nc-sa

Shawn M. Kent “Solitude” (2001) CC by-nc-sa

It is essential that developing photographers have a firm understanding on compositional principles. This is the first in a series of articles where we will be talking about the rules of composition. Starting with the very basics and working up to the more complex. This first tutorial will talk about the classic rule of thirds composition rule.

Now this is the part of the tutorial where we say the obligatory “there are no rules in photography”.

I hate that statement. Of course there are rules! Rules are broken all the time, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t valid rules, or that you should ignore them. They exist for a reason and this article will dissect those reasons.

As well this is not a tutorial written only for beginners. I meet many pro photographers who only know the very basic concepts of the rule of thirds. For that reason I have tried to go as in depth as possible to dissect the principle.

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Home Is Where the Heart Is…

Home Is Where the Heart Is (2014)

Home Is Where the Heart Is – Shawn M. Kent (2014)

Home is Where the Heart Is

After a week away in Ottawa, I snuck out last night to go on a shoot with my son, Max. I’d been meaning for some time to re-shoot the Creemore Emporium, as the original was shot on an older Canon body (3.3 megapixels).

Unfortunately nothing remarkable came of the outing. Instead Max and I came across this lovely abandoned farmstead on the way home. As with all abandoned properties I am careful to approach it slowly. I started by shooting a bunch from the road at distance and nothing was really coming together.

I loved the old oak tree and the way it looked like a wonderful property once upon a time. I imagined children playing in the yard and scrambling up through the trees majestic branches. Despite it’s ruin I sensed it was a happy place once upon a time. After a few minutes and no traffic or inquisitive neighbors I drove up the driveway to the house. I climbed out of the sunroof of my truck and stood on the roof. From there I shot a series of panoramic shots of which the stitched result is below.

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