Compositing and Painting in Photoshop CC

Final Literacy Poster

Final Reading Poster Using a Composite of 5 images.

In lieu of a video I decided to put up another behind the scenes tours of one of my composite pieces. I’m going to give you a sense of how this poster came together. This isn’t a tutorial per say, but rather a tour of the file for those that enjoy working in Photoshop.

The image is essentially a composite of five shots:

  1. My son in bed with a book
  2. A plastic dinosaur my son has
  3. A plastic dragon he has
  4. An old shot of the moon I had in my collection
  5. A picture of jelly fish I shot this summer at Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto

Now naturally I did a bit more than just compositing/Photoshopping the shots together, but I will hit some of the highlights of the piece.

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Well this is awkward…

…um…so I promised I would come, and then I never came. WTF? Well my dear internet deziens I could wax eloquent about the reasons, but you would know I was lying. Anyone with half a brain will know right away that I have actually been kidnapped by a  team of co-eds and am being held against my will in a sorority. I managed to type this out with the one limb they didn’t tie up. But even with the dexterous use of this…hand…(What were you thinking?)….I am just not ready to make another episode yet. So if you are waiting with baited breath follow these steps:

1. Get a life, I’m not that interesting, and

2. Wait longer. Like I often say to my lovely wife, I will come, I’m just not ready yet.

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I’m coming…

Time to change it up. Check out the trailer of the big change I’m making here at No more boring, plain videos. We’re going live and we’re going off script. We’re going to show you something every episode about photography, Photoshop or Lightroom. Whatever I’m into at the moment. I’ve done videos before, but they were never really me….I gotta be me. So see you next episode. I’ll post about it soon!

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Photographers You Should Know: Jerry Uelsmann

Journey into Night (2008) - Jerry Uelsmann

Journey into Night (2008) – Jerry Uelsmann

A forerunner of the photomontage, Jerry Uelsmann is an American photographer whose work easily makes him a Master of Photography. His surrealist art is hauntingly beautiful, rich in depth, and contemplative in content. But that’s not the most amazing aspect of his photomontages. Jerry Uelsmann produced the majority of his work in the days before Photoshop.

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Black and White Digital Workshop

Well, my first ever webinar is complete. See the video above. Kind of a rocky start, with audio problems, but lots of good info in this video.

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