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A Young Shawn Kent

A Young Shawn Kent

First off some flagrant self-promotion, my portfolio can be found here:


A little about me? As a youngster I spent most of my time doodling and cartooning.  I enjoyed art but grew frustrated with the time it took to prepare a painting, the repetition of cartooning, and the limitations of various mediums. After highschool I lacked direction and discipline. I turned to the Canadian Armed Forces to instill that in me in 1998.

By tremendous fortune and an unlikely turn of events I wound up being an Imagery Technician. No job could have been better suited to me, and I rapidly fell in love with photography, Photoshop and the other aspects of this remarkable military occupation. Since joining in 1998 I have traveled the world, telling the stories of soldiers, sailors and airmen.  I’ve deployed six times since joining and have had incredible adventures throughout Europe, the Middle East and naturally Afghanistan. I have had the honor of serving alongside Canada’s very best. Whether they were soldiers, sailors or airmen, all of them left an indelible mark on my life. I hope that in some way my work has helped to tell their stories.

15 years later I am the Senior Imagery Trade Designer at the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Technology and engineering. It is now my role to oversee the development and training of new Imagery Technicians.  My passion for the visual arts hasn’t dissipated however and I still remain an avid shooter and voracious learner.

This blog, the tutorials, podcast, and videos are my way of sharing my knowledge and experience with you. I hope you find them useful and enjoy them.

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