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Composition: The Rule of Thirds

It is essential that developing photographers have a firm understanding on compositional principles. This is the first in a series of articles where we will be talking about the rules of composition. Starting with the very basics and working up to the more complex. This first tutorial will talk about the classic rule of thirds […]

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Home Is Where the Heart Is…

Home is Where the Heart Is After a week away in Ottawa, I snuck out last night to go on a shoot with my son, Max. I’d been meaning for some time to re-shoot the Creemore Emporium, as the original was shot on an older Canon body (3.3 megapixels). Unfortunately nothing remarkable came of the […]

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Going Prime

Canon Camera with Prime Lens Image credit: Alexander Gref CC-by As more and more folks are spending the extra money to buy a “nice” camera, I often get asked what kind of camera they should buy. The short answer is the camera doesn’t matter, the lens does. As a photographer you will replace your body […]

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Black and White Processing Workshop

  Subtle adjustment of tone and detail are the secret to Black and White Photography. Join me June 8th to learn the steps behind my process for going from colour images to detailed and rich black and white images. Topics: I will be covering the specific tricks and techniques I use when shooting, the importance of visualizing zones, and […]

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Photographic Masters: George Hurrell

  The “Grand Seigneur of the Hollywood Portrait”, George Hurrell defined the look of glamorous Hollywood during it’s golden age of the thirties and forties. A master of dramatic lighting, the Kentucky born photographer mastered the art of lighting and shooting beautiful people. He rapidly attained the position of Head of MGM’s Photography Department and […]

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