Black and White Digital Workshop

Well, my first ever webinar is complete. See the video above. Kind of a rocky start, with audio problems, but lots of good info in this video.


  • Filters, lenses, and techniques I use for shooting black and white photos
  • Processing the image in Adobe Lightroom and tweaking exposure
  • Converting the image to black and white in Lightroom and using virtual filters to adjust specific tones
  • Using Ansel Adam’s Zone System to refine your exposure
  • Sharpening and removing noise with Adobe Lightroom
  • Refining the edit and applying duotones
  • Applying treatments, vignettes, and looks to the image
  • A quick intro to the Lightroom plugin from Nik Software, SilverFXPro

Show Notes:

1. The filter I am using is no longer sold by Tiffen, but these Cokin’s from Amazon are effectively the same thing:

2. The zone system chart can be downloaded here <—Click to download!

3.  Also I have a video that demonstrates how to use the zone system for exposure assessment in processing:

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See you then!

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