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Photographers You Should Know: Jerry Uelsmann

Journey into Night (2008) - Jerry Uelsmann

Journey into Night (2008) – Jerry Uelsmann

A forerunner of the photomontage, Jerry Uelsmann is an American photographer whose work easily makes him a Master of Photography. His surrealist art is hauntingly beautiful, rich in depth, and contemplative in content. But that’s not the most amazing aspect of his photomontages. Jerry Uelsmann produced the majority of his work in the days before Photoshop.

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Photographic Masters: George Hurrell

George Hurrell at Work


The “Grand Seigneur of the Hollywood Portrait”, George Hurrell defined the look of glamorous Hollywood during it’s golden age of the thirties and forties. A master of dramatic lighting, the Kentucky born photographer mastered the art of lighting and shooting beautiful people. He rapidly attained the position of Head of MGM’s Photography Department and shot every star contracted to the studio. From there he worked for Warner Brothers and eventually Columbia. His dramatic shots defined the look and character of Hollywood’s elite in that era. Continue reading »

Photographic Masters: Robert Frank

Robert Frank: 'Rodeo'1954

Robert Frank: 'Rodeo'1954

Robert Frank was a Swedish born photographer that made a name for himself with the publication of the 1958 book entitled The Americans. The Americans became a major influence in the photographic world and was noted for its skeptical outsider’s view of America. Robert Frank had travelled for about a year and shot an impressive 760 rolls of film (27,000 exposures). From that collection 83 pictures were select and published as this iconic work. Continue reading »