Episode 10 – Chrome Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Final Product

Example of Photoshop Chrome text effect.

Show Notes

In this episode I show you how to create this classic Chrome Text Effect in Photoshop CC/CS6. This technique can be used not only to create shiny photo realistic chrome, but almost any shape can be given a metallic appearance using this technique. As always the file created and the files used to create this effect can be found below.

Files Used

The font file and image used for the reflection effect, as well as the complete final PSD can be found at this link:

http://bit.ly/179MVHE – ZIP File containing all necessary files to repeat and analyze demo techniques (50.7 Meg File)

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  1. Grandma Kent September 7, 2013 at 12:02 am #

    Wow Shawn that was wonderful. You are so talented. You sound very much like your Dad. I will try and follow your web site. I don’t have photo shop but what you do is very interesting to see unfold to the final product.
    Say HI to the family for us, Grandpa is doing fine, getting older and slower but is feeling healthy.
    Love Grandpa & Grandma

  2. Ace Handler February 21, 2016 at 7:15 am #

    Great tutorial! I spent a few hours with it late last night working on a company logo (chrome lettering – just using a stock font, good enough [ERAS something or other]. Very complicated process. I have used Paint Shop Pro for years and years, I find it’s much more intuitive to use than Adobe – but PS is the Cadillac as they say. Loved the comment from Grandma too btw. Keep up the fine work 😉