Home Is Where the Heart Is…

Home Is Where the Heart Is (2014)

Home Is Where the Heart Is – Shawn M. Kent (2014)

Home is Where the Heart Is

After a week away in Ottawa, I snuck out last night to go on a shoot with my son, Max. I’d been meaning for some time to re-shoot the Creemore Emporium, as the original was shot on an older Canon body (3.3 megapixels).

Unfortunately nothing remarkable came of the outing. Instead Max and I came across this lovely abandoned farmstead on the way home. As with all abandoned properties I am careful to approach it slowly. I started by shooting a bunch from the road at distance and nothing was really coming together.

I loved the old oak tree and the way it looked like a wonderful property once upon a time. I imagined children playing in the yard and scrambling up through the trees majestic branches. Despite it’s ruin I sensed it was a happy place once upon a time. After a few minutes and no traffic or inquisitive neighbors I drove up the driveway to the house. I climbed out of the sunroof of my truck and stood on the roof. From there I shot a series of panoramic shots of which the stitched result is below.

I call it “Home is Where the Heart Is” because of the heart shape the driveways make. I look at this series of images as similar to the ones that are taken of the dead before being interned. They are the memorial photos of the deceased, dressed up in their finest for one last photo. I like that thought, one last time to shine before they are gone. I think the essence of life is the accumulation of memories it creates. Houses have this quality as well. Somewhere this house means something to someone, it lives in memory for them. How long will this house live on? Will these photos extend their life?


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