Photography Sites

My fave photo sites
  • Far and away my favourite photography blog. I visit it almost daily.
  • An old site, but still one of the best sites for learning about photography.
  • When people ask me what camera to buy I always use this site to make my recommendation.
  • My favorite photo education site.
  • Not specifically a photo site, but I love gadgets and this site covers all of them.
  • I hate flickr and most other picture sharing sites, but imgur is amazing. They let you upload anything, and they don’t resize your photo or mess with it. Image sharing the way image sharing was meant to be.
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Photography Communities

My fave photo online groups
  • Reddit is great in general but their photography community is one of the best out there.
  • Good photographers need good critiques, and this reddit thread will be brutal. But it is always brutal in a good way.
  • This site was one of the first communities I joined for critiques of my work, and learning how to critique others. Now the site is massive, you can get lost for months on this site.


Mad Respect
  • One of my favorite unknown photographers, this guy is amazing and was very kind to me years ago as we were both learning our craft. Man did he ever leave me behind!!
  • Retro/Modern Pin-Ups & Boudoir in Ottawa, ON
  • When I get my photos printed, Luca at is my guy. With a home base in Barrie, Ont, this guys company is a sure fire guarantee that my images will look their absolute best. He’s also a very talented photographer.

My Other Favorite Sites

A miscellany selection of sites I visit often.
  • Better than facebook, digg and anything else. You get the latest news on the web about almost any conceivable topic on reddit first. It doesn’t look like much at first but once you get into it, it is the best site on the net about other sites on the net.
  • A shameless plug for my t-shirt site
  • What I read when I drink coffee in the morning. No B.S., just news from everywhere and actually unbiased.
  • Never stop learning!

Shout Outs

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