Photographic Masters: George Hurrell

George Hurrell at Work


The “Grand Seigneur of the Hollywood Portrait”, George Hurrell defined the look of glamorous Hollywood during it’s golden age of the thirties and forties. A master of dramatic lighting, the Kentucky born photographer mastered the art of lighting and shooting beautiful people. He rapidly attained the position of Head of MGM’s Photography Department and shot every star contracted to the studio. From there he worked for Warner Brothers and eventually Columbia. His dramatic shots defined the look and character of Hollywood’s elite in that era.

After his style fell out of favor in the fifties, he enjoyed a revival of sorts in the 60’s after his work was featured at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This revival led to him shooting again contemporary stars such as Raquel Welch and John Travolta. Retiring officially in 1976 he still shot occasionally those stars that he felt captured the style of his work.

“Well, the party is over. Time to go home.” GeorgeĀ  famously stated shortly before dying on May 17, 1992.

Annex-Dietrich-Marlene_17.jpgDouglas Fairbanks Jr. - by George Hurrell 1933HairLake.jpgharlow_20.jpghurrell_sharon_stone_lg.jpgHurrell_Sheridan.jpgJane Russell - by George Hurrell 1943.PayneJohnKidNightingale_1939.jpgPHOTO_13872062_155990_32117633_ap.jpg

You can purchase prints from his estate collection here:

Alternately you could pick up a great book of his work from Amazon here:

50 Years of Photographing Hollywood: The Hurrell Style

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