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Episode 8 – Fix Photograph Highlights in Photoshop (Luminance Masks)

Show Notes:

In this weeks Photoshop video tutorial I provide a basic introduction to using a luminance mask to recover blown out highlights in an image. In the video I use a RAW file of a forest floor where the sky is overexposed and shining through the tree tops. Luminance masking is an interesting technique that allows you to selectively adjust the highlight tones (portions of the image that have a luminance of 50% or brighter). The reason that I use this technique for images that require highlight rescuing is that it produces better results than simply processing the image through Adobe Camera Raw and attempting to recover the highlights that way.

Files Used:

Download the file I used in this video to practice the technique here:

Luminance Masking Sample File (34 meg .CR2 Camera RAW File)

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