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Home Is Where the Heart Is…

Home Is Where the Heart Is (2014)

Home Is Where the Heart Is – Shawn M. Kent (2014)

Home is Where the Heart Is

After a week away in Ottawa, I snuck out last night to go on a shoot with my son, Max. I’d been meaning for some time to re-shoot the Creemore Emporium, as the original was shot on an older Canon body (3.3 megapixels).

Unfortunately nothing remarkable came of the outing. Instead Max and I came across this lovely abandoned farmstead on the way home. As with all abandoned properties I am careful to approach it slowly. I started by shooting a bunch from the road at distance and nothing was really coming together.

I loved the old oak tree and the way it looked like a wonderful property once upon a time. I imagined children playing in the yard and scrambling up through the trees majestic branches. Despite it’s ruin I sensed it was a happy place once upon a time. After a few minutes and no traffic or inquisitive neighbors I drove up the driveway to the house. I climbed out of the sunroof of my truck and stood on the roof. From there I shot a series of panoramic shots of which the stitched result is below.

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