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Episode 10 – Chrome Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial

Final Product

Example of Photoshop Chrome text effect.

Show Notes

In this episode I show you how to create this classic Chrome Text Effect in Photoshop CC/CS6. This technique can be used not only to create shiny photo realistic chrome, but almost any shape can be given a metallic appearance using this technique. As always the file created and the files used to create this effect can be found below.

Files Used

The font file and image used for the reflection effect, as well as the complete final PSD can be found at this link:

http://bit.ly/179MVHE – ZIP File containing all necessary files to repeat and analyze demo techniques (50.7 Meg File)

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Using the Digital Zone System for Exposure Assessment

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted or made a tutorial. I have a good excuse though, I moved. I also changed jobs, and did a lot of work on a photography book. But I’m back baby, and will be posting more and more stuff in the coming months.

To begin I decided to focus more on photography this time out. Photoshop stuff will be back I am certain but for this first one here is a Zone System Tutorial for Digital Photography. The video is by and large based on the work of Norman Koren, and a great deal of credit goes to him for adapting Ansel Adams’ classic Zone System to digital. there are a lot of naysayers out there that say that it cannot accurately be converted to digital because of the systems original design as a very precise technique. I disagree. Even using a slightly loose iteration of the zone system based on Norman Koren’s work has improved my exposures. More than that it has proven useful for assessing the corrections I have already made to the image.

I’ve tried my best to simplify the concepts and apply a practical framework for you to start to use the Zone System principles when shooting and more importantly when assessing exposure while processing digital photographs. I sincerely hop you enjoy it. Find it below. Also don’t forget the chart I’ve included to help guide you in assessing your work. I keep it taped to my monitor so when I’m processing I can use it as a quick and handy reference.

Zone System Chart <——Download it here!

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