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Episode 9 – Processing Raw Files in Photoshop (ACR)

Show Notes:

In this weeks Photoshop Tutorial I show how to use Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) to process images. This is my own personal Camera Raw processing workflow. I will demystify the histogram, sliders, panels and other options in Adobe Camera Raw and introduce you to the techniques that let you intelligently adjust your images exposure. In this video I use a file that is about a stop and a half underexposed and show you not only how to correct this, but also how to fine tune the exposure, white balance and colour to produce a high quality final. I also show you how to use ACR for adjusting the Tone Curve, Noise Reduction, Sharpening and selective colour adjustment. All the techniques shown can also be applied in Lightroom 5 as the tools are the exact same.

Files Used:

Download the file I used in this tutorial here:

http://bit.ly/18yhOVO  – Camera Raw Sample File (18.9 Meg .DNG Adobe Digital Negative File)

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[Edit: My apologies to my Vimeo and Podcast audience. Some upload issues this week delayed release on these channels. Should be more consistent in the future.]

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Video Tutorial: Dodge and Burn Retouching

Afghan Elder by Matt McGregor

Afghan Elder by Matt McGregor © DND Crown Copyright 2011

My buddy Matt McGregor was kind enough to lend me his amazing image for this retouching tutorial. In this video we will be covering how to use non-destructive dodging and burning to retouch a candid portrait. This tutorial is for intermediate to advanced Photoshop users as we will be performing local adjustments with adjustment layers on a smart object raw file.

The result is a style similar to George Hurrell and other masters of the black and white portrait. All techniques are non-destructive and could be replicated in the darkroom if you had Ansel Adams like patience. As always if you have any questions or concerns comment on the story, send me an email, or ask me in person.



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