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Episode 9 – Processing Raw Files in Photoshop (ACR)

Show Notes:

In this weeks Photoshop Tutorial I show how to use Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) to process images. This is my own personal Camera Raw processing workflow. I will demystify the histogram, sliders, panels and other options in Adobe Camera Raw and introduce you to the techniques that let you intelligently adjust your images exposure. In this video I use a file that is about a stop and a half underexposed and show you not only how to correct this, but also how to fine tune the exposure, white balance and colour to produce a high quality final. I also show you how to use ACR for adjusting the Tone Curve, Noise Reduction, Sharpening and selective colour adjustment. All the techniques shown can also be applied in Lightroom 5 as the tools are the exact same.

Files Used:

Download the file I used in this tutorial here:

http://bit.ly/18yhOVO  – Camera Raw Sample File (18.9 Meg .DNG Adobe Digital Negative File)

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[Edit: My apologies to my Vimeo and Podcast audience. Some upload issues this week delayed release on these channels. Should be more consistent in the future.]

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