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Creating Water and Splash Effects in Photoshop CS6

Splash Dance Photo Manipulation Tutorial Title Image


In this brief behind the scenes I will show you some of the secrets behind the piece seen above. I can’t necessarily do a tutorial on it because it wasn’t a recipe achieved by a series of steps, but rather this piece was the product of some experimentation, failed attempts, and then just letting my inner artist loose. At a certain point I can’t say  what I did specifically, but upon review of the PSD I wanted to offer a behind the scenes of this piece.
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Episode 8 – Fix Photograph Highlights in Photoshop (Luminance Masks)

Show Notes:

In this weeks Photoshop video tutorial I provide a basic introduction to using a luminance mask to recover blown out highlights in an image. In the video I use a RAW file of a forest floor where the sky is overexposed and shining through the tree tops. Luminance masking is an interesting technique that allows you to selectively adjust the highlight tones (portions of the image that have a luminance of 50% or brighter). The reason that I use this technique for images that require highlight rescuing is that it produces better results than simply processing the image through Adobe Camera Raw and attempting to recover the highlights that way.

Files Used:

Download the file I used in this video to practice the technique here:

Luminance Masking Sample File (34 meg .CR2 Camera RAW File)

Further Reading:

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Video Tutorial: Dodge and Burn Retouching

Afghan Elder by Matt McGregor

Afghan Elder by Matt McGregor © DND Crown Copyright 2011

My buddy Matt McGregor was kind enough to lend me his amazing image for this retouching tutorial. In this video we will be covering how to use non-destructive dodging and burning to retouch a candid portrait. This tutorial is for intermediate to advanced Photoshop users as we will be performing local adjustments with adjustment layers on a smart object raw file.

The result is a style similar to George Hurrell and other masters of the black and white portrait. All techniques are non-destructive and could be replicated in the darkroom if you had Ansel Adams like patience. As always if you have any questions or concerns comment on the story, send me an email, or ask me in person.



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