Using the Digital Zone System for Exposure Assessment

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted or made a tutorial. I have a good excuse though, I moved. I also changed jobs, and did a lot of work on a photography book. But I’m back baby, and will be posting more and more stuff in the coming months.

To begin I decided to focus more on photography this time out. Photoshop stuff will be back I am certain but for this first one here is a Zone System Tutorial for Digital Photography. The video is by and large based on the work of Norman Koren, and a great deal of credit goes to him for adapting Ansel Adams’ classic Zone System to digital. there are a lot of naysayers out there that say that it cannot accurately be converted to digital because of the systems original design as a very precise technique. I disagree. Even using a slightly loose iteration of the zone system based on Norman Koren’s work has improved my exposures. More than that it has proven useful for assessing the corrections I have already made to the image.

I’ve tried my best to simplify the concepts and apply a practical framework for you to start to use the Zone System principles when shooting and more importantly when assessing exposure while processing digital photographs. I sincerely hop you enjoy it. Find it below. Also don’t forget the chart I’ve included to help guide you in assessing your work. I keep it taped to my monitor so when I’m processing I can use it as a quick and handy reference.

Zone System Chart¬†<——Download¬†it here!

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